Planting groove applicator
Planting groove applicator
Planting groove applicator
Planting groove applicator
Product Description
  • Inoculant applicator into the furrow planting;

  • Provides an efficient and easily applied in inoculation, seed treatment directly in the furrow;

  • Inoculated at the exact time of planting, directly in the seed and furrow;

  • Flexible pendants;

  • Solid stream spray nozzles;

  • Can also be used for spraying insecticides in corn to control caterpillar cartridge, in potato with fungicides and insecticides;

  • Electric pump 12Vdc with regulatory control flow;

  • Layerd double tanks, insulating thermal: 100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800 and 1000L.

Technical Description - Tank of 300 L
  • Weight: 45 Kg

  • Height: 90 cm

  • Length: 90 cm

  • Width: 1,20 cm

  • Optional:
    - Mechanical Mixer.
    - Hydraulic Shaker.
    - Automatic system on and off.
    - Backwashing system.
    - Hydraulic motor activate by pump.
    - Activate pump in the tractor’s top.
    - Peristaltic pump 01 per line.

* For information on other tank sizes, please contact the sales department.

Cód Finame: please consult by tank size